100 your soul mate dating

I quickly realised we had lots in common, although sadly for him that didn’t extend to the waves of sci-fi/comic book geekery which spilled out of him with endearing gusto.

We decided to meet rather than waste lots of time chatting online, so scheduled a date for that week (April 2011).

Since it was such a lovely sunny evening, we meandered our way around the South Bank rather organically, moving on to Wagamamas.

There was a great response with 771 votes in total but the Soulmates success story you have chosen as your favourite is: “The numbers added up in the end! However contact was made via GSM and our story began. We were soon speaking every day and finding so much that we shared and enjoyed.’ After he finished reading he sent me a brief email saying that if I would like to chat he would like that as my words had really touched him.I read this and found the courage to reply, although I knew that once I did, it meant I might eventually have to meet him, and that for me was a big step.But we started to email, every day, long conversations, talking initially about ourselves, music, what we did, our families, our dreams. We spent all day walking and talking, holding hands sitting on the beach, realising we had so many things in common, so many links between us that had over the years brought us to this point.At the end of the day, neither of us wanted to say goodbye.

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