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is the author of “Understand Men Now: The Relationships Men Commit To and Why” and has a knack for helping women separate the serial daters and serial monogamists from the nice guys, and the bad boys to the commitment-ready man.As a dating coach who works exclusively with women, Aslay is clearly a man in touch with both his masculine and feminine energy.He’s the founder of The Professional Wingman and helps single professional men, and some women, get into long-term relationships by developing their social skills, overcoming their insecurities and creating an all-around better life for themselves. is the author of “Get the Guy” and is probably one of the youngest dating coaches on this list.He has some really great online video coaching programs designed to help women attract the guy, get the guy and keep him.

Most of his advice is based on universal principles he learned growing up, hearing first hand from women where men were going wrong, and recognizing most women’s tendency to overanalyze their love lives.

He delivers tough love dating advice with a compassionate heart and empathetic ear.

is a dating coach that spent 15 years figuring the dating thing out for himself before he discovered how to have a healthy relationship.

Network’s “Famously Single,” where eight celebrities move in together to work through their biggest relationship challenges.

If you’ve been following ABC’s “The Bachelorette” then you don’t want to miss House’s opinionated breakdown of Jo Jo’s options.

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