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Bezos has said: "Given a ten percent chance of a 100 times payoff, you should take that bet every time." This one goes back to the fear of failure.

Quora user Jordan Allen says: "Some people get the chance to see if their band could make it big or their business could skyrocket or their love of their life was moving to the other side of the world and wanted them to join.

Kid Chat room is for chatters 13 to 16 years of age.

We have chatrooms dedicated to different areas and interests as well as private messaging—which is helpful when you are looking for advice and don’t want to share your troubles with everyone.

If you take a look at Quora and Reddit, hundreds of people older and wiser than you have shared their best tips for living life to the fullest before you hit middle age. We checked out some of those Quora and Reddit threads and highlighted some of our favorite insights about maximizing your youth. Scientists say it can make you more successful because you're learning from your missteps, instead of just berating yourself for them.

You might say to yourself: "This is really hard right now," or, "I'm sorry you are struggling." That's another tip from Rashinkar.

That way, you can prioritize the people and experiences that are truly meaningful to you.Getting to your 30s and having a string of regrets is going to haunt you." Park is right about successful people not being afraid to fail some, and therefore being more willing to take risks.Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, for example, is notorious for this quality.This can be done on most streets without the need for any physical calming and we accept that on some streets it may be appropriate to have a higher limit based on the road, vulnerable road users provision, etc.But any limit above 20mph should be a considered decision based on local circumstances.

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