3 year dating anniversary gift idea Sex sits of the world of the internet

Telling someone why they are special has never been this easy and fun!

Each Love Book is a custom made list of all those little reasons why you love or appreciate someone. I loved it cuz it is us and how I feel Saying WHY you love someone is a special gift that will make anyone feel loved & appreciated.

My wife often complained that they were not personal enough, they were what everyone else got.

Tailoring the love book to us made a big hit, no one else got the same gift. He’s not the super lovey type, but this gift really got to him.

It was filled with a plethora of inside jokes and I knew he would love it.

He finally opened it and after reading the first page, he asked "did you draw this? Page by page, he read our story as he laughed, smiled, and even cried at how personalized it was.

Being able to make a book like this is absolutely amazing! I created a book for my loved one and represented our story from the beginning on.

He really enjoyed reading it and was like "smiling and smiling and smiling."The shipping was quite fast and the FANTASTIC Christmas gift!

I loved the look on my guys face when he read his book. From our first date to leaving the end a cliffhanger so we may continue our story! So the book was all part of a plan to propose to my better half, as I'm not the best at the whole let's talk about how we feel malarkey ha!

Great Bought for my husband on our first Anniversary. I loved working on our story over several weeks as you're able to save the book and come back to it.

It's beautifully put together, I gave my book to my husband yesterday, for our first wedding anniversary, it was so emotional for both of us to run to each page and read our story in a beautiful book.

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