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we had moved in together over the previous winter, & chris’ mid-may birthday marked one of the first weekends that it was warm enough in milwaukee to actually enjoy our apartment’s picturesque ivy-lined courtyard. finding a cookware company that’s dedicated to creating beautiful, highly functional products, & taking care of vets? so here’s the deal: grilling meat can give great flavor.i picked up the nicest steaks i could afford at whole foods & we set a couple of lawn chairs around our little charcoal weber & got grilling. but when it comes to a steakhouse-quality steak that has a beautiful golden crust – that comes from coming into contact with an extremely hot, flat surface, making cast iron the perfect cookware to use to cook steak.​The challenge is to present complex research material in an engaging, compelling way, using only one static Power Point slide.The skills developed while preparing for and competing in 3MT are important for your growth as a professional.In the "Three-Minute Game" you get to chose whether you are the giver or the receiver for three minutes. In those three minutes, you alternate with your partner whether you are the "giver" or the "receiver." You will get to be both.Then, you take turns giving and receiving simple touch for three whole minutes.is an incredible american-made cookware company that specializes in cast iron. & the sear does double duty: it creates a delicious exterior to a cast iron steak & it prevents all the juices from seeping out of the steak as it cooks.their skillets are handmade in the USA, & they’re crafted with the kind of durability that will never leave you questioning whether you can use it: stovetop?

A great way to practice giving and receiving red hot sexy touch is to practice the skill set.

Engage in some fun with other graduate students at UVic and acquire extremely valuable skills along the way.

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is a research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland which challenges master’s and doctoral students to present a compelling oration of their thesis and its significance in just three minutes in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience.

During job interviews, networking with colleagues and conversations with family and friends, you will often be in situations where you are asked to describe your research, and its larger importance to a non-specialist.

Being able to balance complexity and depth with clarity and concision, 3MT also provides an excellent opportunity for showcasing your research across disciplines and with the general public.

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