Accommodating individual differences

I have also found that since I don’t always use an extension, they can frequently be transferred to another lesson.Finally, TAG students benefit from graphic organizers frequently used in class, which allow them to show their understanding in multiple ways depending on how they choose to fill it out.They are given enough time to build new relationships (teams remain together approximately 10 class periods) before meeting with a new team.Reading and listening assignments require students to actively interpret and to apply their reasoning skills to find responses to comprehension questions.

Sarah Horton has developed a set of universal usability guidelines for web design.Following the contract for this particular student, I know to find a space for her in front of the class to easily see the board.She is given notes from me when not able to obtain them from her peers (of which her best friend is in class with her).Handouts are designed with student in mind so that the text and layout is easily understandable.Student has the right to have tests/quizzes read to her.

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