Adam duritz dating monica potter

That was the only election I ever voted on one of those machines - my voting location changed and I've always used the paper ballots since. More than one nightclub announced he was banned for life after that.R8, I suspect it was more hating 21 Jump Street than anything. I recall a local newspaper reporting that fans were outside his house rental 24/7. William Hague on the grounds of St Magdalen's College, Oxford a year ago.Andy Bell, from Erasure, at a bake sale in Hastings.My cousin - who lives in Hastings - thought I was crazy when I saw a man selling bread and I insisted it was Andy.Sting walking down Broadway, this was during the time he had a loft on Prince Street. Some famous female fashion models at Canal Jeans and walking around Soho.

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Bridges smiled at me and said "I don't have a problem eating in front of you".I actually saw Moby shopping at National Wholesale Liquidators!The lead singer of the Psychedelic Furs going into the Puck Building.No one bothered him in a celebrity sense but the line moved slowly so there was general chit-chat about the election.I remember that year everyone was concerned about the Diebold voting machines so all of us in line were discussing that. When he wanted to move the show to California, he shit all over Vancouver.

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