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." This sub is the WI-specific version of /r/r4r, the original sub dedicated to redditors meeting each other. I’m tall, bearded, and in very good shape, guaranteed to have a great. I’ll be going with a group of friends, but they can’t help with what I’ll be looking for at night.Where are the places young (relatively normal, progressive, employed, etc) single people go to meet other young single people?Alternatively, what are good food and drink places.Nothing is off limits with me in terms of conversational topics and I usually speak unfiltered.My sense of humor is quite dark and I relate to Rick from Rick and Morty more than I care to admit. ") Think of me as a female Robin Williams with a Ellen De Generes vibe (jazz hands too), crossed with 75% Rick 's coolness and 25% Foamy the Squirrel's/Rick's minor sociopathic tendencies. Good looking, fit/muscular male looking for female (or females) for either a one time thing or regular sex/FWB.Otherwise if you’re not into that, I’m always looking for new friends to spend the summer with. Let’s get to know each other a little I'm just going to cut the shit here.

I am a mild-mannered nursing assistant by day and an ass-kicking gaming goddess by night.

I'm pretty busy nearly all the time and when I'm not it's because I'm exhausted.

But anyway, I'm about 5'7", about 180 lbs, kinda chubby, kinda hairy and a mega-nerd. Hey I'm 22 and looking for a FWB or maybe it turns into something more, I work full time and am pretty busy so I don't always have time to go out and meet someone.

Here are some examples: Related subs: /r/r4r, /r/r4rmidwest Similar subs: /r/Make New Friends Here, /r/Forever Alone Dating, /r/penpals, /r/textfriends, /r/Skype Pals, /r/Kikpals, /r/snapchat, /r/Needafriend, /r/Casual Conversation Local subs: /r/wisconsin, /r/madisonwi, /r/milwaukee, /r/greenbay, /r/foxvalleywi Going to Country Thunder on Thursday but in need of a Thunder Buddy.

Dm me if you’re interested and I’ll let you know what site I’m at First time Wisconsin visitor here, West Bend area.

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