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The history of the contact between non-Native Americans and the Ojibwa dates back more than 350 years.

While the Ojibwa did not engage in extended armed conflict with Europeans, the relationship was not always amicable.

The Southwestern Ojibwa lived along the south and north shores of Lake Superior. The Plains Ojibwa or Bungi lived in the present-day states and provinces of Montana, North Dakota, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

The Plains Ojibwa adopted a lifestyle that resembled that of other Plains tribes, living in tepees, riding horses, and relying on buffalo for food and clothing.

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One group, the Potawatomi, moved south and settled in the area between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.The first written European accounts about the Ojibwa appeared in Jesuit diaries, published in collected form as the Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents. Fur trading, especially the exchange of beaver pelts for goods including firearms, flourished until the 1800s.The Jesuits were followed by French explorers and fur traders, who were succeeded by British fur traders, explorers, and soldiers and later by U. The Ojibwa traded with representatives of fur companies or indirectly through salaried or independent traders called coureurs des bois.The Ojibwa ("oh-jib-wah") are a woodland people of northeastern North America.In the mid-seventeenth century there were approximately 35,000 Ojibwa on the continent.

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