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( 6m 24s ) sue: yes, so far my neighbor do not have it ( 6m 59s ) Ma Lejani C: Thank you, Sue.

( 7m 10s ) Ma Lejani C: For verification process, may I have your phone number and complete address?

that makes me think if you report a lost package THEY DO NOT GIVE A RATS A** if you never get it. ( 17s ) sue: where is my package ( 25s ) Ma Lejani C: I received your inquiry. I regret any inconvenience you experienced as a result of this situation. ( 29s ) sue: 73721088- – – ( 33s ) Ma Lejani C: Thank you, Sue.

Chat Reference Number : 14201529 Inquiry Description : i did not get my package Chat Started: Tuesday, June 26, 2018, (-0500)Chat Origin: VA US DOMAgent Ma Lejani C( 1s ) Ma Lejani C: Hello, sue. ( 1m 11s ) sue: 737210880- – – – ( 1m 18s ) Ma Lejani C: Our records indicate that this package has been delivered today June 26,2018 at PM and was left at the front door at the address indicated on the label.

I had a NEIGHBOR WHO LIVES down the street bring me my package to my house at 7 pm. that the FED EX DRIVER SAID he DROP OFF AT MY HOUSE.. makes me think that FED EX takes the drivers word for it. When i called this morning Once again I was told i was a LIAR ,, That the driver delivered it.

when i said how is it that my neighbor was the 1 who walk to my house carring my package that was NOT delivered AT MY HOUSE!!!!

( 9m 35s ) Ma Lejani C: I am sorry but I need the content of the package for me to be able to process a case.The company was incorporated as the Fed Ex Corporation in 1997 when the company acquired Caliber Systems Inc.This lead to a larger service offering than just express shipping.If this is their policy, then why can’t they accept that mistakes can be made? I NEVER SIGNED FOR ANYTHING, AND I WANT MY PACKAGE!There are 6 units in my clearly marked apartment building.

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