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First Paul informs us that the faith by which we are saved is “the faith of Jesus.” Notice that it is His faith, not ours, that saves.Paul wants us to understand that we encounter God’s faith operating in Jesus before we exercise faith in Him.It means that God, in Christ, acted with perfect faith toward fallen humanity. The good news is that God is a God of covenant-keeping love.He is completely trustworthy, reliable, constant and unswerving in His love for us.While the law possesses no power to save—more precisely, while my obedience to the law possesses no power to save—it does serve the vital role of a tutor.The law was made necessary because of sin, to serve as a teacher to keep human conscience alive with a sense of our guilt, and thereby to arouse in us a sense of need for a Savior. Because Paul speaks of the law in a past tense role—“it was added …

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In Galatians Paul is not saying something peripheral or minor or optional or fuzzy about the Ten Commandments.

Let us trust in the merits of Jesus Christ of Nazareth” (Ellen White, Sermons and Talks, vol. The issue was not that we were simply talking about the law too often, but rather that we were preaching the law in a wrong light and thereby creating a serious theological problem for ourselves.

We were preaching the law in such a manner that we were compromising the gospel and losing sight of “the merits of Jesus.” But once we follow the lead of God’s prophet to the remnant by allowing ourselves to see that the law in Galatians is “especially” the Ten Commandments, it is then that the theological mission of the remnant really begins to come clear.

Right here, according to Revelation, is the key insight to be understood regarding the theological identity of the remnant. At one point she was so tired of hearing our preachers hammer away defending the law that she said this: “Let the law take care of itself.

In Adventist history the right relation of the law to the gospel was brought to the forefront in 1888 when A. We have been at work on the law until we get as dry as the hills of Gilboa, without dew or rain. We see here that she wasn’t merely weary of hearing too many sermons on the law.

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