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Though our parents were not against it, but during our unmarried days, we just didn’t have any boyrfriends or girlfriends. And only when we realized we both were serious about each other , that we went ahead.

I proposed marriage to her and she very shyly had said yes. Infact at times , because everything went off without any hitch, it almost felt like arrange marriage. But walking down the street it still felt as good and romantic like it was 13 years ago.

Don't be a fool, don't be a victim and keep in mind, famous people also make love, no matter we watch it or don't.

Akhi Alamgir is one of the popular singer in Bangladesh.

But the wet streets added to our carefree romantic mood.

“Ajit, its almost midnight” my wife said, not alarmed, but a bit surprised that we had lost sense of time.“Ah , its ok, tomorrow is Sunday, and Nikhil is also staying ovbvernight with his friends.

We know Akhi has some nude photo with Rusho--- her ex-husband.

Though it was outside of Bangladesh, basically United States of America but recently this video is in the hands of the many young people.

But after this evening, I realized it was these small pleasures in life which I was missing. We began with a stroll in a public garden, filming each other on our video camera – to preserve the nice moments for posterity. This is the first video which is made outside of country. But recently some main stream media published news that Akhi ​​Alamgir has a porno video which is more than18 minutes in length.In You Tube there is also some videos of Akhi Alamgir. As an alternative to save some of the pictures are taken that it be heard on this Compact Disk, Flash Drive, Mobile Phone memory.

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