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Responsibility for the acquisition of new applications then falls to the outside company.In other cases the company may outsource just the development or maintenance of their information systems, with the outside company being a systems developer.Cloud computing is increasingly being adopted as a source of information services.It offers on-demand access via the Internet to services furnished by a provider that runs data centres with the necessary software and other resources.

Therefore, organizations have to plan for the long term when acquiring information systems and services that will support business initiatives.In various RAD methodologies a prototype—a preliminary working version of an application—is built quickly and inexpensively, albeit imperfectly.This prototype is turned over to the users, their reactions are collected, suggested modifications are incorporated, and successive prototype versions eventually evolve into the complete system.For example, certain projects may have to be carried out immediately to satisfy a new government reporting regulation or to interact with a new customer’s information system.Other projects may be given a higher priority because of their strategic role or greater expected benefits.

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