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On the episode of VS Arashi that was broadcast on the 20th, Miura Haruma, Ishihara Satomi and Mizuhara and the cast of the movie "Shingeki no Kyojin" appeared as the guest team.

Matsumoto Jun, Ishihara Satomi and Mizuhara Kiko co-starred in last year's drama Shitsuren Chocolatier.

Hmm, it's said that Matsumoto's favorite is Inoue Mao, so even if Ishihara and Satomi fell for him that might cause trouble." (Entertainment Associate) In addition, when asked about behind the scenes secrets of the "Shitsuren Chocolatier" set, Mizuhara revealed "Matsumoto-san made me do errands." According the real story, when Matsumoto needed a rule and pencil case, Mizuhara by chance was going shopping, so did Matsumoto's shopping as well.

However, fans criticized her on the internet saying, "Don't put on an act like you're a good woman!

Saying Jun is so handsome, so talented, so gorgeous and blah blah blah~ Instead I'm much concerned for those negative comments about him, that makes me LOVE him MORE!

But of course he'll make it seem like a piece of cake, even though it's the complete opposite. Anon, Just wondering....since you say Matsumoto Jun is not handsome, and you apparently know what handsome looks like..guys do you think are handsome? I think it is really sad, how people just judge others by appearances and don't judge what is underneath. He may be a neutral actor, but he isn't a great actor.

Gosh I would love to see Maki as Jun love interest..... Sounds like a challenging role, but that's exactly what he needs.

konichiwa jun-sama i love all your act, but `the one that can't get over from my mind is when you played as Domyouji i looooovveeeeee soooooooooo i hope you reunited with mao-chan again in another drama or movie I LOVE MAOTSUJUN Hi to you jun Matsumoto, the first that I saw was when I was 18 ya' from the Japanese Manga series gokusen,since then I started to like I'm already 28 but then still like and I thought that I was older than you but I was wrong. ...konichiwa matsumoto-san, watashi wa golden...i really like you're songs and you're group(Arashi), and the movies and drama series you are in...hopefully i can meet all of you and can work in Japan... every drama series he is starred in always turned out a masterpiece. I think he has very special looking for Japanese guys.

And their best friends the Oguri couple is living at the same apartment complex as Matsu Jun so she can always sneak into Matsu Jun's room and just say that she went to visit the Oguris.

Arashi also release "Believe/曇りのち快晴 (Kumori Nochi Kaisei)" on March 4th. as well as other songs) They had released new songs lately: One Love (Hana Yori Dango Final) How to Fly Smile Kaze no mukou e Truth (Maou) IF you are talking about the commercial's that have been playing in late March 2008 the answer is "Are you with me" by Vaux if not im not sure..

I also love your role as an idol, you may not be the best singer in Arashi, but you have wonderful dancing skills and idk how to describe it, but you are very kirakira(? Im a solid Kpop fangirl but I dont why and how I ended up watching Jdramas lately? I believe that you'll deliver an even better and better work next Hello im kerry from the united kingdom ive watched all hana yari dango and i love arashis music i dont know if you read english but i really hope you can your a really good actor i loved domyouji and your an amazing singer. I'm not sure if you will read my comment but I really wish you will do.

Bye bye I'm a huge fan of meteor garden that's why when boys over flower(Korean version) aired here in the Philippines I never watch it I'm very loyal to meteor garden and I fall in love with daoming shi that's 2003? I don't remember really but out of boredom I sed I want to watch the Japanese version this June 2017? I've been into jdramas lately and he's the first j-actor whom I really liked. He doesn't even need extras to do stunts for him lol I wish to see him in an action movie, though I'm not a fan of action movies. frankly , he is not a genius actor with a miraculous acting skills yet he can create a nonesuch character like no one could I've come to realize I enjoyed most of his work with my family each of his drama have a different taste and color 99.9 was the main drama for me in 2016.. cant even wait for Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku!!! He's definately one of the best actors in Japan..not the best.

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