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Google can help you here, so can word of mouth, but like most everything else there's an app for that!That said, Weedmaps is wonderfully done, and will help you locate what you're looking for in the places where it's legal to sell it.We're not here to condone or condemn anyone or anything — and by all means let's keep things legal — but we feel that adults using their Androids to peruse adult content is just fine and dandy. There are countless ways to see adult content on your Android out there, covering a broad range of subject matter.We bet a good number of you guys and gals feel the same way. We also are firm believers in the "live and let live" philosophy, and fully respect your opinion and support your right to have it. This is our list of the best of the best, and ones we feel confident to recommend.Add in a section for reviews and a social network, and you have the makings of a great app for patients and connoisseurs alike. Download: Tumblr (free) If you're going to have a drink or two, remember a few important things. We don't condone or endorse underage drinking, nor do we want anyone to place themselves or anyone in danger after having a few drinks.Download: Weedmaps Marijuana Cannabis Strains (free) Tumblr is a great place to find blogs abut every subject you can imagine. The next important thing is to learn to make a good drink. Thousands of recipes for just about any flavor of adult beverage are included, and sorting through them is dead simple.Download: (free) While Reddit is plenty popular with folks of all ages, there are parts that are absolutely NSFW and filled with content of an adult nature.We love an open and free Internet, so we're glad they are there.

Download: Porn Hub (free) If you're looking for a bit of everything sexy, kinky or naughty, Mi Kandi is where you'll want to start.

It's worth it to know that you're installing apps that have been weeded through and the malware and garbage were thrown out.

To install the free Mi Kandi store, fire up the browser on your phone and here: Download: Mi Kandi (free) Cannabis is now legal for medical or recreational use in over half the United States, including Washington, D. An important part of cannabis legalization is to treat it properly and support legal vendors who aren't selling a dime-bag to your kids.

You know plenty of people are interested in Virtual Reality adult entertainment.

A new way to interact with video or an app, VR lends itself to the adult world perfectly.

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