Asain online dating sites

They host great speed dating, focus groups and mingling events for British Asians.The website has now injected a new approach for Asian dating.Asian Single Solution prides itself on being the largest events and dating website for British Asian single professionals.Now in its 13th year, the site specialises in hosting a series of events, as another incentive for their single subscribers to find love.Here is some of their member’s thoughts on Ask Bhabi:“It’s not always easy to find a life partner who is compatible with your cultural and religious values.Ask Bhabi knew precisely what I wanted and were able to find the right partner for me,” says Jaideep Sohal.“A bit too pricy and formal for me,” says Karan, 26.“Something like this I wouldn’t mind trying, as I like the fact I don’t have to publicise my photo and the fact it is personalised,” says Sharon, 31.It has produced many love stories, but it fails to distinguish a unique selling point that sets it apart from competition.When Dil Mil started, their vision was to be the biggest thing to happen to South Asian matchmaking.

Ask Bhabi offers something different from most dating websites and apps.

And only the person that they are matched to sees their profile.”There is a price tag attached to become a member of Ask Bhabi, however everything is 100% confidential.

They personally come to meet their members to find out about them and what they want in a partner, before matching them with someone from their portfolio.

~ Asian D8 caters for what British Asian online dating has become today and moved with the times.

There does need to be an injection of new fresh members though.

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