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And XAML Standard, touted in the keynotes of last year’s Build as the strategy through which Microsoft would unify various incompatible dialects and UI technologies such as Xamarin, WPF and UWP, has clearly fallen victim to politics, with the repo seeming to be dead and its goals having been drastically watered down. These guys are wasting their time with another poll, and also adopt reactiveness and immutability on it. @Mike-EEE The "strapped for cash" bit was entirely sarcasm.

If it's worth an announcement at build there must be more to it than just an iteration on the standard. The bigger question to me is what has happened due to the recent restructuring/reorganization.

Maybe they've created a Microsoft supported front end with platform specific back ends like Avalonia and Eto. But then the pessimist in me says that that it'll just be kind of a dud of an announcement. Have they once, ever, asked, hey guys, should we add this to core? But maybe I'm being a little harsh, perhaps Microsoft is strapped for cash. I haven't seen/read/heard anything in regards to this, but my expectations are not very high. NET/Core team continues to be where the talent (and passion) in MSFT is at these days.

Then the realist in me says that maybe they'll just announce v1.0 of the spec. @Tony Henrique Microsoft had XAML running in the browser on the Mac 10 years ago. This suspicion is 100% aligned the output/quality/talent out of the UWP group for the past few years, and has also been my determination based on conversations/phone calls that I have had with their (remaining) staff.

First of all, what exactly needs to be standardised? Instead of inventing on top of XAML, we keep "loosing features".

Most common "issue" on this project is suggesting a control that should come with base XAML. Or XAML featurs like a set of controls, XAML is a dialect. WPF was powerful, but Silverlight shed most of advanced features.

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