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however, if you're looking for a challenge, and want to be 'tested', (no pun intended) then you are more then welcome to step up and prove that you are a man.Blizzard has announced that Star Craft II’s latest 4.3.0 patch will include two new maps created by community members. Removed Malaria Unlock All Weapons Realistic Weapons Rearmed AI: Assault - makarov, star45, deserteagle, 6p9; uzi, mp5, fnfal, g3ka4, ak47, m16, pkm, m249 Sniper - star45, mac10, 6p9; m1903, dragunov Rocket Man - mac10; carl_gustaf Shotgun Man - mac10; m79, rpg-7 WEAPONS DAMAGE Damage Player To AI - All Difficulty Levels: makarov, star45, 6p9, mac10, uzi, mp5 Head 1 bullet Torso 2 bullets Arms, Legs, Hands, Feet 3 bullets deserteagle Head 1 bullet Torso 2 bullets Arms, Legs, Hands, Feet 2 bullets ak47, m16, m249 Head 1 bullet Torso 1 bullet Arms, Legs, Hands, Feet 2 bullets fnfal, g3ka4, m1903, dragunov, pkm Head 1 bullet Torso 1 bullet Arms, Legs, Hands, Feet 1 bullets Damage AI To Player - Difficulty Level Infamous: makarov, star45, 6p9, mac10, uzi, mp5, deserteagle 3 bullets ak47, m16, m249 2 bullets fnfal, g3ka4, m1903, dragunov, pkm 1 bullet Damage Vehicle: as50, m2 2-3 bullets Jeep engine SLOTS Hand To Hand: Machete and flare_gun (flare_gun tap to "1" two time) Secondary Weapon: makarov star45 deserteagle 6p9 Sawed Off Shotgun mac10 Primary Weapon: uzi mp5 fnfal g3ka4 ak47 m16 m1903 dragunov as50 pkm m249 Special Weapon: ithaca spas12 usas12 Silenced Shotgun Dart_Rifle rpg-7 carl_gustaf mortar m79 ied MGL140 crossbow lpo50 AMMO - All Difficulty Levels pistol_belt makarov 8 8 upgrade 16 star45 7 7 upgrade 14 deserteagle 7 7 upgrade 14 6p9 8 8 upgrade 16 light_assault_webbing mac10 30 upgrade 30 uzi 30 90 upgrade 90 shotgun_bandolier ithaca 6 14 upgrade 20 spas12 8 12 upgrade 20 usas12 20 upgrade 20 Silenced Shotgun 4 16 upgrade 20 Sawed Off Shotgun 2 8 upgrade 10 assault_webbing mp5 30 90 upgrade 90 fnfal 20 40 upgrade 40 g3ka4 20 40 upgrade 40 ak47 30 60 upgrade 90 m16 30 90 upgrade 90 marksmans_bandolier m1903 5 45 upgrade 50 dragunov 10 40 upgrade 50 as50 5 5 upgrade 10 Dart_Rifle 1 4 upgrade 5 rocketeer_satchel rpg-7 1 1 upgrade 1 carl_gustaf 1 upgrade 1 mortar 1 1 upgrade 1 grenadier_webbing m67 2 upgrade 2 m79 1 9 upgrade 10 ied 1 2 upgrade 3 MGL140 6 upgrade 6 crossbow 1 2 upgrade 2 pyrotechnic_satchel flare_gun 1 1 upgrade 1 lpo50 100 100 upgrade 100 molotov 1 upgrade 1 gunner_pack pkm 100 upgrade 100 m249 200 200 upgrade 200 NOTE: Removed guard posts sector - patch\levels\w2_c_3\generated\worldsectors\worldsector3246fcb Repack worldsector3246fcb don't work, game crash, use Hex Editor. Shotgun Man_Caucasian_4 23.975 Hex CDCCBF41 - 00000000 Player in vehicle, decrease distance visible - patch\worlds\world1 and world2\generated\Repack don't work, game crash, use Hex Editor.Tested is not for the faint of heart, it is intended for seasoned Doom 3 veterans, and anyone else that can find their way to the download link; Rareg has designed this map to give even the die-hard Doom3 gamer a run for their money...Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments.No files were found matching the criteria specified.Or weapon really should be so powerful to kill with a single shot to any part of the body. I have played the Rewards Mod & Dylans Realism mod. After playing your Mod, I have to agree with many here just too many RPGs/Grenade launchers. The AI in Far Cry 2 wall hack and know where you are after firing your weapon even if there are bushes, rocks, whatever blocking their view.

All well and the main character, in the presence of teammates.

- Fixed the filter by maps size option in the server browser.

- Fixed a low reproducibility crash bug related to the vehicle drop.

What is worse is in 2014, you got a number of messages saying you gave the NPCs too many RPGs/Grenade Launchers.

And after three years, updating the mod in 2017, you didn't even bother to fix this?

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