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In the magic school, he says there are "many different kinds of magic/crafting/potion making/farming systems" that will be independently satisfying, but will also tie together."Expect to have a lot to do in the final game, but to progress regardless of the activity." Designer Rosie Ball says the game aims to expand, thematically and mechanically, on the town simulation genre, taking it to new places as "a school operates very differently to a town.

Combat currently bears a resemblance to 2D Zelda, but even that is still firmly in “subject to change” territory.“Where other games are inviting you to live out your perfect fantasy,” the studio tells PC Gamer, “in that you can date whoever you want, you can get married to whoever you want and it’s up to you, Spellbound is a little less forgiving.Dates can go wrong, things can go wrong, it’s more about that school experience. ▼ Looking at the Steam page, the game’s genres are “cute,” “anime,” “visual novel,” and… ▼ And then just like that, the warnings disappear, and the bright, colorful, happy title screen appears complete with cute animations and background music!

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