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"Every hole we're digging is contributing info to London archaeologists, who are constantly piecing together and synthesising the information we've got for London as a whole - it's providing information to slot into that study of London and its history." You guys don't know as much about the Black Death as you think.There has been new research on what happened, and there are more questions than answers.

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"We've found archaeology from pretty much all periods - from the very ancient prehistoric right up to a 20th-Century industrial site, but this site is probably the most important medieval site we've got," said Jay Carver, project archaeologist for Crossrail.

Grade school field trips of these sites must be interesting but grade school science does not fully explain what we DO NOT know about all of the diseases that were operating at this time.

A medical specialist would urge better infection control.

Whether it be pool or poker, he is always taking the chance and usually losing.

As she is led to the bedroom, she is so excited about the idea of being dominated by this sexy, powerful man.

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