Blackbook webcam

One of the comments indicates Lubuntu 17.04 works and that Lubuntu 17.10 may be problematic if you want to go this route.

If you want “stock” Ubuntu (which thus far is the most popular download), I’ve done fresh installs of Ubuntu 16.04 and 17.10 successfully on the Macbook 2,1.

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bl ACKbook founder Holly Finigan is a ten year veteran of Nantucket and has been writing and tending bar on the island since her flip flops stepped off the Steamship Wharf in May of 2005.

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If you want another distribution, and I’ll try to create the image and put it up (you’re the one who gets to test it though).

The cleanest solution (I’ll go into alternative solutions in following sections) is to change the disk image to be BIOS-only (non-EFI).

Basically, remove other items from the El Torito catalog.

The “problem” with the 32-bit EFI macs (as I understand it) is that they fall apart when they try to load a “multi-catalog” disk image.

Most linux distros use multi-catalog images so that they support both BIOS and EFI.

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