Brody jenner and kristin cavallari dating 2016

Montag and Pratt will likely lose money on Montag’s album, which they are self-financing.And though a source close to Conrad says she’s making more than million a year, she nonetheless made Forbes' "8 Celebrity Business Bombs” list after her first, eponymous fashion collection sputtered.The Hills, which debuted in 2006, caught up with Conrad when she moved to Los Angeles and found a new group of hot and fabulous friends—including the infamous, and beyond blond, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, aka “Speidi,” as the tabloids have anointed the couple—whose lives are just as surreal: Despite entry-level jobs in fashion and media, they all live in opulent apartments, drive fancy cars, and eat out at chic restaurants. (Think Sex and the City for the barely legal.)The show has catapulted its stars into the limelight, to the point that Montag and Pratt authored the about-to-be-published book How to Be Famous, for which, Pratt said: “I lived the research.”In response to a recent speech President Obama delivered to schoolkids, saying, “I know that sometimes you get the sense from TV that you can be rich and successful without any hard work,” Pratt said, referring to his book: “Well, guess what, Obama? ”After Laguna Beach ended, Cavallari tried to leverage her own 15 minutes into something more: becoming a “real” actress.But that didn’t pan out as planned—most of the roles she landed were in direct-to-DVD releases, such as Van Wilder: Freshman Year— and so now she’s returning to reality TV.And Montag’s recent Playboy cover shoot—she graced the September issue of the magazine—earned her 5,000 plus a generous chunk of royalties, despite the fact that she didn’t take it all off.Then there are the fashion lines, (both Conrad and Patridge have one); book deals (Conrad’s young-adult novel, L. Candy, is a New York Times bestseller); million-dollar licensing deals (Conrad is the face of Avon’s Mark line of cosmetics, and appears in an AT&T spot with Jenner; Patridge miraculously turned a Carl’s Jr.According to Pratt, the network is not overstating the case.“She says she’s just playing a character, she’s just playing the bitch, when she’s really just a bitch! “She was just made for reality TV,” he said, adding that, in his estimation, Conrad was not.“When Lauren Conrad was on the show—she’s quite boring,” Pratt said bluntly.

“People have no idea.”In other ways, too, life outside The Hills is not always as glamorous as the show.Through her publicist, Cavallari declined to comment.The move may seem counterintuitive, or like a kind of consolation prize.And because, like scripted series, The Hills is so dependent on a returning roster of personalities, whom fans have grown to love, MTV was willing to accommodate.By Season 5, paydays had crossed the 0,000-per-episode mark.

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