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Trying too hard to perfectly sum yourself up is a common pitfall. Generally you should avoid anything with numbers, or super descriptive words (Ski Girl Seattle is very boring, even if it’s easy to come up with—and it only conveys information we’d be able to find in other areas of her profile).

It’s also best not to just recycle whatever old school internet handle has been your Twitter username and forum login info for years—stuff we created c.

The term was coined as a neologism in 2004, derived from journalistic clichés that referred to the number of Eskimo words for snow.

The linguistic phenomenon of "a multi-use, customizable, instantly recognizable, time-worn, quoted or misquoted phrase or sentence that can be used in an entirely open array of different variants" was originally described by linguist Geoffrey K. Pullum, in his first discussion of what would later be called a snowclone, offered the following example of a template describing multiple variations of a journalistic cliché he had encountered: "If Eskimos have The original request from Geoffrey Pullum, in addition to citing the Eskimos-and-snow namesake of the term snowclone, mentioned a poster slogan for the 1979 film Alien, "In space, no one can hear you scream", which was cloned into numerous variations, such as "In space, no one can see your breasts".", a hyperbole which has been used to refer to something as "great" or "the greatest of its kind", became a popular snowclone template in the 1990s.

while black", and its original popular construction "driving while black", were derived from wordplay on driving while intoxicated, and referred to black people being pulled over by police because of racial profiling.

This template appears to have existed even prior to Hamlet, and had previously been used specifically in a religious context to discuss "actions that are at once contradictory and indifferent—actions that, because they are neither commanded nor prohibited by Scripture, good nor evil in themselves, Christians are free to perform or omit." A Google search by Zwicky for snowclones of the form "to * or not to *" resulted in over 16 million hits, although some apparent occurrences may be cases of a natural contrastive disjunction unrelated to the Shakespearean snowclone template., will travel" is the title of the book Have Tux, Will Travel, a 1954 memoir by comedian Bob Hope.

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Your username, coupled with your profile picture, is the MOST visible thing in search results.

Register Plentyoffish cruise forums are a mi to meet singles and phdases cruise cafchy or share cruise pas etc.

Laugh it off with these Si Trump catchy phrases dating. And people breaking up with each other over texts now?

The American Dialect Society declared "the mother of all" the 1991 Word of the Year.

The term "Father of All Bombs" was created by an analogy.

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