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I was warned that she had a reputation, as a man eater.

Quite what that meant, I wasn’t certain at the time.

” Rebecca, I,” stuttering, “I must apologize..” I stammered, “Shhhh, don’t say a word…” her voice all husky and coarse “Well then Doctor D, you’ve been having naughty thoughts then have you” as she sidled up to the desk and raised her stockinged leg up to the side of my chair.

I had both her breasts in either hand as I lay back and thrust my hips forward to give her better reach.Instead, she sucked down harder and began moving faster, up and down.I almost blacked out as the wave of orgasm swept over me.I released her tits and put my hands behind her head and ran my fingers through her hair, following her every move.I can’t explain how she teased at one second and sucked hard the next, whilst the whole time massaging my cock with her mouth.

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