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With further development, the new LEDs could reach ... Christian Müller will become Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Carl Zeiss AG.He will succeed Thomas Spitzenpfeil who, as previously announced, will leave the company.With further development, the new LEDs could reach ...more Following the completion of a first series of engine testing and significant progresses of the isobutene bioproduction process, the two companies have agreed to start a new program.

Collaborators can quickly comment on topics, vote on ideas or discuss changes in our integrated chat.A new method now allows electrical contact to be established with simple molecules on a conventional silicon chip.The technique promises to bring advances in sensor technology and medicine, as report ...As soon as you've completed the brainstorming and planning phase in Mind Meister, you can simply drag and drop your ideas into a connected Meister Task project, where they are turned into actionable tasks.Learn more The application possibilities of mind maps are almost endless.

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