Common mistakes made while consolidating debt

Schroeder, a certified financial planner with Liberty Financial Group Inc. The annual fees of multiple cards also can add up, Kersetter says.

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“Growing and preserving wealth requires both partners to actively work together to hone and develop family values in order to build a lasting legacy.

If you don't pay off the debt during the introductory period, interest charges are charged retroactively, and usually at a high rate.

"People don't look at what the rate's going to be once the teaser is over," says Daniel Wishnatsky, a certified financial planner and owner of Special Kids Financial in Phoenix.

But if you're carrying a balance and paying high interest, those rebates and travel points aren't really worth it. It's especially important to note the rate on unsolicited offers.

Rebates and travel points work the best if you're not carrying a balance and have a low interest rate." Look for the best possible APR, or interest rate. If you're struggling financially, you're not likely to get the most favorable rates or terms. So comparison shop for the best low interest credit cards. You read the fine print, you completely understand the terms and you get a competitive rate.

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