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Participants will learn about economic considerations such as payback, grants, tax credits, and depreciation. John Hay, Department of Biosystems Engineering, University of Nebraska -Lincoln & Clay Gibbs, Cornhusker Public Power District Wednesday, July 25 p.m. Jeff Mc Afee Farm 1489 Road 2 - Leigh, NE Coming from the North on Highway 91, turn south on Road 3 and go 8 miles, turn west on Road 0 and go 1 mile, then turn south on Road 2 and go 1/8 mile.

Coming from the South on Highway 30, turn north on Road 3 and go 10 miles, turn west on Road 0 and go 1 mile, then turn south on Road 2 and go 1/8 mile.

Thomas Hunt, NE Extension Entomologist and Field Day Chair It is a pleasure to invite you to the Haskell Agricultural (HAL) Climate & Crops Family Fields Day on Tuesday, August 14 at the HAL located 1 ½ miles east of Concord, Nebraska. Kids are welcome and invited to come with their parents or grandparents. Some of the activities available for all ages include Robotics, Animals Inside & Out, a Shooting Sports Trailer, Maker Space Trailer, a Science Literacy Trailer, the Mobile Beef Lab, Instant Pot Demonstrations. Backyard Farmer will have a live question and answer panel from - p.m.

A walking tour of the Northeast Arboretum will be available in the morning and afternoon as well as drawings for free trees.

In addition, harvest alfalfa only after it begins to bloom or when new shoots appear at the base of the plants.GRAZING TRAMPLED GRASSHow should you graze regrowth in pastures that had tall growth trampled during a previous grazing? Grass growth got away from many of us Nebraskans this spring.For some reason the rainfall and temperatures and sunshine all combined to quickly produce so much tall grass that cattle couldn’t eat fast enough.He is very deserving of this honor."Ibach served as NDA's director from June 2005 until he was confirmed by the Senate and sworn in by USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue as Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs in October 2017.As NDA director, Ibach was a leader for Nebraska agriculture.

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