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We live in a world of High Speed Cyber Technology and the Internet is incredibly good but can also be incredibly evil.

The statistics according to respected news and research organizations are staggering.

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Males are more susceptible to Internet problems with pornography and women are more likely to be hurt by Email romances.Every second ,075.64 is being spent on pornography and every second 28,258 Internet users are viewing pornography and typing adult terms into search engines.One United States company monitored for selling access to child pornography sites at .95 each, grossed .5 million in just The recent White House Internet Summit reported that 42% of parents supervise their children’s Internet usage A LITTLE, and 52% provided NO SUPERVISION at all and ONLY 6% have given guidelines for prevention.Estimates vary, but the National Psychologist reported that one in five adults is online, and more important, two out of three teens are online.The Internet was opened to public use when many saw the opportunity to create an incredible tool.

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