Daemon tools lite stuck on updating virtual devices

Linux release tag is named in the following format:- For example K2_LINUX__13.08_01 indictaes the Linux kernel is based on upstream kernel version and the release is done in August 2013 and iteration is 1.Iteration is optional and is used when multiple tags are to be used for the same month for what ever reason.In these tags, kernel started using 512M capacity of the NAND available on the EVM.The ubifs partion size in dts file is changed accordingly to use the increased size.The foundational components include: This Chapter provides a high level overview of the different pieces so you will gain a sense of what they are and what they do.After reading this chapter you should have a sense of the different pieces that make up the MCSDK.For RT Preempt patched kernel, the tag name also include the word "RT" RT Preempt patched Linux kernel is available on a seperate master branch (master-rt). This will be available under release_ $ sudo apt-get install build-essential subversion ccache sed wget cvs coreutils unzip texinfo docbook-utils gawk help2man diffstat file g texi2html bison flex htmldoc chrpath libxext-dev xserver-xorg-dev doxygen bitbake uboot-mkimage libncurses5-dev Note: If you are running a distribution other than Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, please refer to your distribution documentation for instructions on installing these required packages.

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This done to make it intuitive for anyone to identify the baseline upstream u-boot version used in a release from the tag name.The Multicore Software Development Kit (MCSDK) provides foundational software for TI Key Stone II device platforms.It encapsulates a collection of software elements and tools intended to enable customer application development and migration.This document describes how to install and work with Texas Instruments' Linux Kernel for the Key Stone II platform.The MCSDK provides a fundamental Linux based software platform for development, deployment and execution on the ARM A15 processor of the Key Stone II architecture.

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