Dating a blessing saxophone

All the ones I have seen carry the normal Conn bell stencil and serial number configuration.

Here's where I am so far: 1) Saxes and woodwinds may have different serial number systems.

e) 32877 lowest non "P" recorded,also based on brass this could be 1929. Since I am not specifically studying those brands, I could easily mistake them.

However, this is a problem considering Stock market crash and next model start. While I have possible dates for some of the model changes as mentioned above, I am looking for documentation to support them. Because of the serial number similarity, I am wondering what may have happening with Sears and the Elkhart manufacturers at that time, although it could be coincidence.

Based on the others I have recorded, I am assuming this one is also silver? I actually took the serial numbers of the pictures found.

On a side note, today I met the local Conn-Selmer representative. Jaye PDX, I have some questions on the list: 1) 54040 I have as a Geo M Bundy 46M tenor. 2) On the examples with partial numbers, do you in fact have the complete numbers? I have seen you request on a 50XXX on another thread. Interestingly enough, I had received some of the same numbers from Stocker.

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