Dating a girl who already has a boyfriend

I don’t want to be in your shoes when he finds out that it was you who came inside the love of his life.

Besides adhering to my own code of honor and keeping angry boyfriends on a distance, there is a third reason why I have a different opinion on what to do if she has a boyfriend than a lot of other guys in the community. I didn’t see myself how I was at this particular moment but I saw myself two years earlier.

Seduction is always a reciprocal process and unless a woman wants you to seduce her, you won’t get into her panties.

That doesn’t mean that there are not a lot of women who are in a relationship or married, who want to have sex outside of the relationship.

A self-confident man might stay calm when he finds out that his girlfriend cheated on him and he might even dump her without any drama, because he knows that he can get a better girl. When he finds out that his girlfriend had sex with another guy his whole world breaks down.

He can’t deal with the pain, feels completely hopeless and the only thing he can think about is revenge.

Back then I was shy, insecure and instead of a strong shoulder to lean on I only provided my girlfriend with an omnipresent fear of loss.

Call me weak, call me a pussy or whatever you want to call me, but I promised myself to never do it again. About one and a half years ago I approached a beautiful Ukrainian woman at the train station.However, the men they are together with are definitely not the prototypes of the self-confident and strong alpha man.A guy whose girlfriend cheats on him is most likely insecure, clueless about women and jealous as hell.I’m convinced that you feel a lot better when you decide to give value to a man instead of stealing something from him that is valuable to him.Whenever you meet a couple and you see a man who obviously behaves in a way that motivates his girlfriend to cheat on him, you have a choice to make.

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