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Young adults can also learn to find and safely use buses, cabs, and ride-hailing services.As they plan for employment, college, or vocational training, young adults will need to find and use transportation safely.Many young adults with spina bifida have issues that can affect safe driving.A driver rehabilitation evaluation specialist can identify whether modifications to the car would make it accessible for a young adult with spina bifida.One parent might have learned how to address some of the same concerns another parent has.Often, parents of other young adults with special needs can give advice and share resources about what’s worked for them.Sometimes the goals need to be modified, or they take longer than planned.

Spina Bifida & Sex: A Brief Overview Any birth defect in which the spine does not close completely is considered spina bifida.Young adults affected by spina bifida can face challenges, such as: Regular physical activity is important for all people, but especially for those with conditions that affect movement, such as spina bifida.CDC recommends 60 minutes of physical activity a day.This includes setting goals and making a plan for how to achieve them.Unexpected problems can be challenging and it’s important for young adults to not give up and to keep working towards their goals.

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