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NSF, Cornell, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Uof Texas, Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, TUCC, Princeton, Penn State, Wisconsin, UCLA, NCAR, FERMI, and VLA. re: If IBM Hadn't Bet the Company a lot of the holidays in the US have also moved to mondays ... -- virtualization experience starting Jan1968, online at home since Mar1970 re: I actually miss working at IBM I actually miss working at IBM I actually miss working at IBM I actually miss working at IBM from ibm jargon: fast track - n.

-- virtualization experience starting Jan1968, online at home since Mar1970 Tandem Memos - n. It refers to the computer-based conference (widely distributed in 1981) in which many technical personnel expressed dissatisfaction with the tools available to them at that time, and also constructively criticised the way products were are developed. as mentioned upthread, I had been blamed for computer conferencing on the internal network in the late 70s & early 80s, including Tandem Memos. The tendency for any social discussion among computer people to drift towards exaggeration. Derives from the observation that erasing a banned public file does not destroy the information, but merely creates an uncountable number of private copies. however since I was responsible for calling "fridays after work" ... A career path for selected men and women who appear to conform to the management ideal. it doesn't mention the disastrous results that it had on organizations that were unfortunate enough to have an executive position being used for fast track (having rapid transition by large number of different individuals that didn't understand that organizations business).

The career path is designed to enhance their abilities and loyalty, traditionally by rapid promotion and by protecting them from the more disastrous errors that they might commit. Arbitrary interchangable executives complimented the "Mongolian Hordes Technique" paradigm: Mongolian Hordes Technique - n. We left during the red-ink period a few years later ... After the Kingston review, there was an effort launched looking around the company for something to be used as supercomputer and found cluster scaleup above mentions SP1 introduced 2feb93 (instead of ye92).

old reference to it at dedication of Boyd Hall at Air Force Weapons School, 17sep1999 I had sponsored Boyd's briefings at IBM.

Recent reference in this old email and in this post about "virtual Friday" (from ibm jargon) Note that Boyd's To Be or To Do scenario is a little different from the "Peter Principle" ... Both Boyd's To Be or To Do and IBM's Fast Track have the sense that blemishes are kept off their record.

we did some work with a large public utility 15 yrs ago ... which resulted in RDBMS efficiency for things like ATM transactions ... The result was that it was fairly people intensive to do a schema ... leading to large proliferation of different mission-specific RDBMS in large organization. related to the upthread reference to converting the internal network to sna/vtam ... To be fair, this did result in a sleeker, faster VNET in the end, but at a considerable cost in material and in human terms. re: If IBM Hadn't Bet the Company fast track especially became epidemic in the later half of the 80s. Usage: Don't hold that meeting tomorrow afternoon - it's a virtual Friday. When new deli moved in across the main plant site ... this is a real bummer, plant-site substation is being turned off for the three days and also Los Gatos lab. Anybody have a machine that will be up and running???? but it requires an extra virtual machine(a "service" virtual machine which runs PCTERM and interfaces to PVM). IBM Watson's Ancestors: A Look at Supercomputers of the Past mentions powerparallel SP2 with up to 128 nodes announced April 1994. part of old press item here, SP1 to be deliver by YE92 11May92 early Jan92 meeting in Ellison's conference room discussing 128 processor cluster by YE92 and SP1 press item barely month later 2/17/92 old email mentioning cluster scaleup the last one email from above was possibly just hrs before project was transferred and we were told we couldn't work on anything with more than four processors as part of ha/cmp product effort recent x-over mid-80s "processor cluster" reference in the (greater ibm) "Is email dead?

they claimed to have over 6000 RDBMS where possibly 90% of the information was common. and increased as the different types of data increased. These frequently could have large amount of common data ... It somewhat complimented the CEO's projection that the revenue was going to double from its B ... for period the back room had my name on it and we got pitchers of Anchor Steam at half price. Date: 05/13/83 From: wheeler re: friday; cc: friday; Nice that the sun shines around here ... For those that attended the Boyd pitch on Monday, I have the foil copies. Even we can figure out what he was talking about, we might be able to get things straight so if we heard it again ... Date: 05/13/83 From: wheeler It wasn't a rule that speakers have to speak in YKT before SJR ... " discussion more detailed supercomputer list: A senior corporate executive had been the sponsor of the Kingston supercomputing effort ...

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