Dating after filing for divorce in louisiana

The standard for changing domiciliary parent is much more difficult if the Court hears evidence and makes an evidentiary ruling.

2) the parties have lived separate and apart 180 days after the petition is filed. 4) a spouse is convicted of a felony and sentenced to a year or more in prison. This includes the revenue from separately owned property, unless a document to the contrary is properly filed with the clerk of court. Property owned by either spouse prior to marriage, gifts and inheritances are owned as separate property of the spouse.The typical visitation schedule is for the children to live with the mother during the school year and the father during the summer.Weekends are alternated and sometimes Wednesday visitation is awarded.This arrangement can be modified to provide for between 25 and 50% time by the non domiciliary parent. Every day fathers are awarded custody but this is still the exception to the rule. The Court's tend to bend over backwards to accommodate fathers who want to spend more time with their children at times to the great disruption of the domiciliary mother.

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