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To find the best photos for his profile, Mike uses Tinder's new "smart photos" feature, which automatically selects the best order to show your photos to matches.When Mike first joined Tinder, he didn't fill out the bio section. "Once I put in a bio that was funny and playful and in my own voice, I started getting much better matches and dates." The key, Mike said, is staying true to your own voice, and putting something out there that seems approachable, but unique.Related Unpacking the huge disconnect between how women and men are seeing, processing and explaining #Me Too You’re my sexist dumbass, Louis C.

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He likened the detachment of men to slavery, when slave masters would observe slaves being beaten and feel nothing.“There is nothing empowering and there is nothing fun about waking up in someone’s bed and not knowing if you’ve been sexually assaulted.” As the conversation about navigating consent progresses, Crews was asked how men can help. “We speak two different languages and the way women tend to be manipulated is fear.” His own solution to toxic masculinity?“I had to kill my pride and then you can see things as they really are.I don’t speak for women, but when I talk about being manipulated by fear, you have to do the opposite. The antidote to fear is to own your power.” “That’s beautiful, but there are physical realities to fear,” responded Duca, pointing out that for many women, just walking home alone at night is cause for fear.With that, the conversation had to end, but no doubt the debate will rage on.

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