Dating and friendship in libya

Other Libyans may speak loudly, especially in market areas.

Distance when speaking to someone is about the same as in Canada.

Sabrata and Liptes) are topics that could be also be discussed.

Humour about politics (especially if it involves Americans) is always well received, but do not tell a joke about the current political system in the country.

One may need to approach the people differently depending on their ages, education and gender.

There are many topics that could be used to start a conversation with Libyans.

In the case in which you have a Libyan boss/manager, he will probably make a point of raising his voice once in a while to you.

This does not especially means that he his unsatisfied with your performance or other aspect of your work, but rather he wants to send a message to the Libyan people in the offices next door; that message is “I am his boss” “I have the power”.

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