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The Canadian rules concerning tomato juice helped win over Heinz.Tomato juice in the United States is often made from tomato paste, but Canadian regulations require fresh tomatoes.Under a new union contract, the basic rate for unskilled plant workers fell to 16 Canadian dollars, or about .55, an hour, from about 25 Canadian dollars, although Highbury maintained similar benefits.The number of seedling growers and tomato farmers supplying the plant declined. Diab’s plan is to start exporting industrial paste to food companies in nearby Ohio and Michigan.Although the plant has changed hands, Heinz is its biggest customer.Along with tomato juice, the plant now makes soups, sauces and Sponge Bob Square Pants canned pasta.But Leamington — and the plant — got a reprieve because, in part, of a quirk of Canadian law.

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Residents feared the worst when a group of investors bought Heinz in 2013.

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If Leamington closed, Heinz would have to find another place to produce tomato juice for Canada, where it dominates the market for the beverage.

The company’s control of the Canadian market meant there was little tomato juice production capacity elsewhere in the country.

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