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This career is – mostly – fulfilling and has given me a lot of experiences I would not otherwise have had. But it’s also a demanding lifestyle and doing it by myself can be tiring sometimes.One of the questions I get, particularly from young women, is, “What’s it like as a single female FSO?” The short answer is, “It’s not for everyone.” There’s a joke in the Foreign Service that goes like this: If you want to know where a male FSO’s first overseas post was, look at his wife.But I think the Foreign Service lifestyle is harder for single women than for single men. I cannot tell you how many State Department post reports I’ve read where “great post for singles” meant “great post for single guys to pick up local girls in bars.” I’d be curious to know how many FSOs are single and compare that against the resources offered specifically for them.I took the “Single in the Foreign Service” seminar at the State Department before my first overseas tour.

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