Dating romantic collection

Once preparations are out of the way the Mii will wait at the chosen location, as a slow heartbeat plays in the background.The Mii's crush may show up, and the Mii will perform asked action.Like a normal confession, the confessed Mii will accept or reject the confessor.However, when rejecting the confessor, the confessed Mii says in an echoing voice "Sorry, but I'm just not interested..." instead or a friend of the other Mii will tell the confessor that the other Mii isn't interested or that the sweetheart of the other Mii tells them they are going out.The final scene is at the fountain, where the outcome of their relationship is decided.The Miis will be walking together on the way home, the friend Mii watching them from the fountain.Also in Life, the target crush may have strong bonds with multiple friends of the opposite gender, which may lead to one of those Miis interrupting a confession.

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" and become sweethearts, or reject the confessor by saying in an echoing voice "I'm sorry...".

The target crush will have to choose between two to three of their friends (depending on how many Miis showed up).

When they make their decision, they may turn toward one Mii and say how glad they are that they feel the same, while the other rejected Miis hang their heads, sometimes fainting.

If the confessed Mii chooses the first confessor, they automatically go into a relationship just like normal.

There is, however, also a chance that the Mii can reject them all, leaving all the Miis to either hang their heads or faint.

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