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A few common scenarios when it comes to Why We Can't Have Nice Things that limited to tangible objects: 1) The perpetrator is selfish and/or malicious, with the full intention of ruining everyone's fun.

Example: Everybody always goes out on Friday night to have fun with their friends.

Crappy situations which are inherent and are naturally occurring with no definable source of blame on an entity or a group of entities do not count; it needs a scapegoat.

Usually the destructive saviors belong to this trope because after every battle what used to be full of objects now looks like a wasteland.

These first humans were o, our story starts with the Andites as a pure Mesopotamian story.

I wish I could say the Adamites and the Nodites only lived in what would later become Sumeria but nothing's that simple.

Van's headquarters are also west of Bactria namesake to the BMAC the Bactria Margianna Archaeological Complex, the Oxus civilization and west of the future Indus Valley civilization. A great location for the the dispersal of culture south into India, east into China and west into future Europe. Dagh, the location of the "3rd Eden", was the home of Adamson and Ratta.

The Urantia Book defines these people as a race which have been long absorbed to the various peoples of today. They were humorous, artistic, adventurous, inventive and musical. This is a secondary location for the earliest eastern and northern expansion of the Andites.

For the Andites have the true first human aboriginal blood from creatures that looked upon the world with the first human eyes knowing they were different from all others.

It is of a movement of people, language and culture and how we came to be.

Through all the twists and turns, ebbs and flows, this is our forgotten history, and it starts a long time ago.

Actually, one of Adam and Eve's sons - Adamson a pure line Adamite - met and married one of the last pure Nodite women and founded what I call the third Garden of Eden.

This "third Eden" was located in the foothills of the Kopet Dagh where Van had lived all those millennia.

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