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From soccer, basketball and ice hockey to Aussie rules and bandy, Sportradar’s Live Score Solutions enable you to provide the latest live scores from a broad range of sports on multiple media platforms, including tablets and mobiles. To bring you the best content on our sites and applications, Meredith partners with third party advertisers to serve digital ads, including personalized digital ads.YOUNG SINGLE GUY: Meeting the friends is definitely a big step. YOUNG SINGLE GUY: Sounds like you did a lot of drinking then. But watching sports with a girl is totally different beast.Were there any annoying girls at your Super Bowl party? OLD MARRIED GUY: I drank my weight in Trader Joe's lager. OLD MARRIED GUY: My wife watched the game, but she was only in it for the junk food. YOUNG SINGLE GUY: Dating girls with a truly genuine interest in sports is awesome.You’re going to have to give sports a try, and in return, maybe he won’t drink himself silly and cuss out the television at a local restaurant while seated next to a family of five.Many women get jealous when they’re at restaurants and catch their beau’s eyes wandering. But if you’re out with a sports fan, you likely just didn’t realize that Fox Sports 1 is on behind you and there’s a Big 12 football game involving a touchdown every three minutes.Unless the game is soccer, those two and a half minutes are going to take at least twenty in a close game.For you prospective wives and girlfriends out there, saying yes to the above question is a rookie mistake you are sure to make.

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Some fans may also be looking to start a romantic relationship with a professional sports star.” The answer for a sports fan is, if left to our devices, yes, it is. Even though the Thursday games suck, they’re still better than non-football TV programming.There’s Inside the NFL and random college football on Tuesdays and Fridays.However, just switch the pronouns from masculine to feminine, and it applies to women as well! No sports fan would ever give up the gift of perennial season baseball tickets from a late relative, especially tickets as good as the ones Jimmy Fallon supposedly was willing to give up, on the off chance Drew Barrymore hopped the center field wall at Fenway to come stop him.A real relationship is going to involve compromise and that compromise goes both ways.

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