Dating too nice

While nice guys do have some redeeming qualities overall they lack mature emotional balance.

Their overall theme in life is one of seeking approval.

Honesty, integrity and courage are at the core of confidence and high self-esteem.

Every time you sacrifice one of these principles you are chipping away at your self esteem.

Write a profile that grabs attention, post recent pictures of yourself, be fun and interesting while chatting with the men you meet on line, answering emails promptly and being on time for a pre-arranged online meeting.

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One day they will talk badly of one member and the next they will reverse their opinion.

They hide their mistakes and say what they think people want to hear.

They will say pretty much anything to gain the approval of others. They are so driven to seek approval that they will hide anything they believe might upset anyone.

There are some people that will despise you because of your desire to be liked. Every time you try to be a nice guy at the cost of your integrity or your honesty you are hurting yourself.

It may be a small little lie or agreeing with something that you don’t truly believe, in but you are just making your situation worse.

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