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INFJs are a lot more careful, but will be grateful when ENTJs help them spread their wings a bit further, actually. Not always easy, but oh it’s so freaking rewarding.

INFJs’ carefulness will usually help us ENTJs a notch in our lack of thoroughness.

Also, ENTJs will soon realise that these INFxs are the very people who are worthy for you to open yourself up to, which you don’t normally do.

He considered it ultimately as an act of pure self-interest, but is it, really?

It’s also because I know a great guy who is an INFP, who often sheds a lot of light into understanding humanity that I know that these INFxs aren’t just a bunch of ignorant people.

Especially fulfilling for INFJs who even misunderstand themselves based on how the society portrays them, but that we ENTJs appreciate them for who they are and that they know that we are no-nonsense people.

We not only will praise them, but they’ll know that we mean it.

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