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This motor is controlled by an electronic system especially developed for the Bloomframe® window.

It has a manual emergency override system to open or close the Bloomframe® window in case of power failure. The Bloomframe® window electronic control system can be installed at the height specified for disabled (maximum of 1300mm from the floor).

Kawneer France (an Arconic company) sells the product ready to be installed, but does not provide the installation services.

Regardless, Kawneer France provides all the necessary information and plans to the installer.

The Bloomframe® window is an innovative window that morphs magically into a balcony within 55 seconds. By opening the window frame, it is possible to walk out through the facade and enjoy outdoor space.

The Bloomframe® window can be operated automatically with a single push of a button.

As you can see on the attached installation document, an accessibility threshold is provided.

When legislation failed in 1955, observers predicted that in the presidential election year of 1956, the Democratic Congress would not approve such a significant plan sought by a Republican President.The Technical Service of Kawneer France would be in direct contact with the installer to provide all required information at any given moment of the process.Depending on the city, we can even recommend certified installers that can help you with your project.The user will add light, air and space, providing him with a genuine outdoor feeling. The revolutionary and multi-award-winning design is now in production and coming to an urban landscape near you.The first model is installed in an apartment building in Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

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