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This would use a time-turner during third year (currently shown in the one-shot story,) or during the Do M fiasco in fifth year, where a few won't be missed with so many destroyed, to abuse a time-turner for training (unlikely.) Luna and her father are part of a growing subculture within the magical world that Britain refuses to acknowledge, of course, and builds her mother's airship, but needs Hermione's help to make it actually work (magical flight and Luna's recreation/invention of an actual JET ENGINE for emergencies without blowing up) while Harry is advised he's the new Captain of what becomes the all-female (other than him) crew of the Sylph, including a Tonks who can't stop getting snogged or groped by a Harry who is told by Hr/L that they like to be surprised.

It isn't all robotic butlers, creepy-staring mechanical horses and unexploded ordinances.

I add to it whenever I find a Harry/Hermione fic that doesn't look to be written by a 10 year old. If you find something you think I would like, E-mail me if you care to take the time/trouble or would like to manage this C2. FIC's Each story will have detailed notes in the Forums (Link: Full summaries, shippings, ratings, et cetera. A few years before that, there was the war with Grindelwald.Shows that spread to even more countries become Multi-National Shows. 7/21/2015 - So, update for everyone who has been asking.Ships: Harry/Hermione/Luna, Neville/Ginny (how else to get rid of a fangirl than to give her a new target?): This was the original idea behind "Bat Guano Crazy", which I may keep.

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