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For example, try asking, “Do you know who sings the song that’s playing?

” or “Your drink looks interesting — what is in it?

While two or three intimate couples whisper sweet nothings into each other's ear - or rather shout over the party music, others sit mutely but contentedly with members of the same sex, casting wistful glances around the room.

One lone woman struts her stuff on the dance floor, and several other singles sit alone, dispirited. "It was a totally positive experience, surprisingly.

The former civil litigation trial attorney became a dateologist seven years ago, after her father fell ill and she saw how her parents coped together through his illness.

Today, she organizes strategy sessions for her 25 or so clients, offers e-mail support and remodels their online profiles to make them seem more appealing.

When you are speaking with your new love interest, give them direct eye contact about 70 percent of the time, and smile.

You want to give the person your full attention, but staring at them 100 percent of the time can look weird. Always keep the tone of the conversation positive, and choose light and breezy topics.

Nicely dressed, often clad in button-down shirts, well-shined shoes and other business-casual attire, they’re sipping cocktails while eagerly approaching members of the opposite sex.For Cupid's arrow to strike on the Flirt-Express, it has to be love at first sight.Each encounter is brief: three minutes to chat and size each other up.Deutsche Bahn is not the first German transport authority to try to give Cupid a helping hand.For Valentine's Day in 2007, Berlin's city transport authority (BVG) launched what it called an international first - a free online service to give commuters smitten with someone they spotted on a Berlin metro, tram or bus line a chance to try to meet up.

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