Fred armisen dating elisabeth moss

And Elisabeth also has a tight-knit clique of friends who share her faith.Chief among these are Gay’s children, ­Saving Private Ryan actor Giovanni Ribisi and his twin sister Marissa, who is married to pop musician Beck, also a Scientologist.But her devotion to the faith reportedly put a strain on her short-lived marriage to American comedian Fred Armisen.They were ­introduced in 2009 by her Mad Men co-star Jon Hamm.“She’s a role model within the church and her ambition is to climb the ranks to ‘OT-VIII’ (Operating Thetan Level 8) — one of the highest rankings in Scientology.” As for the rumoured plan for a link-up with Tom, the insider said: “There was a push from senior church members for him to ­consider ­Elisabeth as a partner as they had visions of two big-name Scientologists pairing up, but Tom needed a break from dating after Katie.” Unlike Tom — Scientology’s most ­famous ­member — rising Hollywood star ­Elisabeth has largely opted to stay quiet about her association with the church, apart from describing it as “grossly misunderstood”.

TV’s star of the moment reprises her role as Detective Robin Griffin, alongside Nicole Kidman, in crime drama Top Of The Lake, this time investigating a body washed up on Australia’s Bondi Beach.But it is Elisabeth’s character Offred in The Handmaid’s Tale — in which religious fundamentalists rule the roost — which more closely echoes her own private life.For the 35-year-old actress is a follower of the Church of Scientology, the shadowy religion likened to a totalitarian state by former members.In a single night, he discovers, all his hair has gone gray.“What, I’m not 32? ” the 49-year-old insists before demanding proof of his age in photos.In one illuminating, acid-tinged trip through a black hole, we find real-life pictures of a teenage punk Armisen, smirking at the camera in a mohawk and black leather.“I was a very proud punk,” Armisen says, suited in head-to-toe black at a table inside New York’s Crosby Bar. I haven’t outgrown that, the way I thought when I was a teenager—which is terrible.”Armisen—who, at present, boasts just a few wisps of gray at the temples of his head—is here to promote the show’s sixth season of delightfully absurd short-form stories, each sketch lovingly satirizing the weird, the hip, and the holier-than-thou of Portland and beyond.

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