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Toronto police conducted online surveillance along with British police, said Detective Sgt.Kim Scanlan of the Toronto police sex crimes unit, who confirmed the Canadian arrests and rescues of children that began before the British-led probe.‘It's a good day’ “Every arrest we make we seize computers and information, so there are a number of ongoing investigations,” Scanlan said. It’s a good day, but it’s one day out of many.”The host of the chat room, Timothy David Martyn Cox, 27, of Buxhall, who used the online identity “Son of God,” admitted to nine counts of possessing and distributing indecent images, authorities said.Cox was identified after intelligence linking the chat room to Britain was passed on to the child protection center by Canadian authorities in August 2006. 28, 2006, British, Canadian and Australian authorities were able to infiltrate the chat room and collect evidence on the other members.

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The case has been linked to China's "one child" family planning policy that has sharpened traditional values preferring boys over girls and leading to many mothers selling or giving away their baby daughters in the hopes of later having a son.It was not immediately clear whether the ongoing U. The 2003 arrest of the ringleaders of the gang exposed a network of trafficking in baby girls that spread from Guangxi to Henan, Anhui and Hubei provinces in central and eastern China, the report said.The case broke when police found 28 drugged and tied-up baby girls -- none over three months old -- in bags on board a bus bound for northern cities.Because of the close relationships between the elders and the children, if child abuse or pedophilia occurs, they are difficult to uncover and corroborate.The schools, institutions, and religious sects become candy stores for the pedophile or child abuser.

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