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The blackout has since cleared up, but the unrest has left countless Redditors looking for a escape in the form of a site that Reddit, but it is still somehow exactly like it.So with the search term "Reddit alternative" trending on Google, and a subreddit unironically devoted to finding an escape from Reddit, an army of copycat sites have set up shop.Complete with shamelessly similar interfaces, promises of freedom, and server capacity that can't even begin to withstand a fraction of Reddit's monstrous traffic, these are the Reddit alternative hopefuls that aim to take the place of the stumbling behemoth ranked roughly from "most viable" to "why just why?" Probably the most popular and widely known of the Reddit alternatives is The hilariously named Empeopled (brace yourself, it gets worse) is a Reddit clone that seems to exist only as a mobile site.As you might guess from its terrible name, it's all about power to the people and holds up democracy with an almost comical fervency.

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Instead of subreddits, Voat has sub Instead of urls like, Voat has urls like Where Reddit his been cracking down on heinous hate-based subreddits, Voat has claimed that "No legal subject in this universe should be out of bounds." At least until its owners discovered they might be personally liable for illegal content, at which point they decided to maybe start banning subverses that look pretty much the alternative of choice for many Redditors—especially the ones with fiery hatred of Reddit's attempts to cull its more vitriolic communities—but the site is plagued with issues of its own.Pay Pal has cut off the site due to "obscenity" leaving it reliant mostly on payments in Bitcoin to survive.There are no moderator accounts with additional privelidge.It's a pure democracy, with all the terrible glory that entails.

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