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Brendon reluctantly agrees to film Duane's band rehearsal and meets Cynthia, an older choreographer. Lynch plan a trip to Cancun, while Paula is the victim of budget cuts at her school.Jason and Melissa fight for bigger roles in Brendon's latest movie project. Mc Guirk, who is taking care of a friend's dog, becomes suspicious that Brendon is doing drugs after he starts showing up to practice late and tired. Mc Guirk pretends to be a bodybuilder in order to get a date with a former schoolmate.Paula's friend Stephanie is in town for the wedding and takes a liking to Coach Mc Guirk.Erik is worried that Melissa doesn't have enough friends who are girls so he enrolls her in The Fairy Princesses.Meanwhile, an old "friend" of Paula's from college pays an unexpected visit.Melissa and Jason help Brendon run for office against the previously undefeated Thurman Thackery.Paula tries to get a role in one of Brendon's films about a little girl named Little Malooloo who has two fathers.Mc Guirk feels left out by the regular pizza club meetings that Brendon has with his dad.

Brendon gets caught making fun of another kid at school and as a result, Mr.

A class trip to a hotel provides a great opportunity for some "on location" footage. His lack of historical perspective is evident through his movies, which star the evil George Washington, the evil Picasso and the evil Annie Oakley.

It sounds like a great plan until Paula is asked to chaperone the trip with Mr. Coach Mc Guirk has to get a second job to pay for damages resulting from a fight with the office coffeemaker. The school writing fair is one week away and Brendon is suffering a bad case of writer's block!

The big day is here: Brendon's dad is marrying his girlfriend.

A rash is slowly covering Brendon's body, but otherwise he's doing okay.

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